Below is an interview Intel was able to get exclusively with Elijah Wood about some of his likes, dislikes and what he has been up to this Summer.


Q: What have you been up to this summer?

A:  I've done a fair bit of traveling this summer, which is always nice. i visited some friends in London, as i was there for a convention. i was fortunate enough to spend a week on the amalfi coast in Italy for the giffoni film festival, which was truly incredible and beautiful. the festival gathers children from around the world to watch films and interact with each other for a week. it was beautiful to witness youth from countries that are engaged in political and social strife spend time together without prejudice. it was an honor to be asked to join them this year.  I've also been working on getting simian records off of the ground and that has been a fun and rewarding process. I've wanted to put together a small label for some time now, as I'm very passionate about music and releasing music that i believe in. its coming together nicely.
Q: What are your upcoming projects?

A: I just finished a film called day zero about three friends who are all drafted on the same day. the film follows these characters and examines how they're lives are effected by the call to war. it is in post production at the moment, so it will come out some time next year. i worked on a film last year called bobby, about the day that Robert Kennedy was assassinated; set in the ambassador hotel, following the intersecting lives of various characters leading up to Kennedy's death. bobby is to be released in the fall. there is also an animated film called happy feet that I've been working on for three years, about penguins that will be released in November.
Q: What is your dream movie role?

A: I don't know that I have one role that I've always wanted to play. I'm constantly looking for roles that differ from those that I've played before and offer new challenges.
Q: What are your likes and dislikes?

A: I love rainstorms, naps, my friends, coffee, honesty, music, road trips, new experiences, photography, letting go of fear, making mix cds (although, i still miss the process of making mix tapes), amoeba records, new york city, live music, sxsw(and austin, tx for that matter), my family, a good book, fall in new england, mojitos, red stripe, pizza, waterloo records,, heloise and the savoir-faire (, the apples in stereo (,, documentaries, language, ipod mixing, etc. I could go on...

I dislike: ignorance, disposable music, inconsiderate drivers, hatred, wasting time, condescension, patronization, mediocrity, disappointing myself and those i care about, ego, prejudice, acceptance, etc...

Q: Where in the world would you like to travel?

A: I'd love to travel to Mali, Morocco, India, the Maldives, and Spain, among many others. I've always wanted to take a road trip across the United States as well. Travel is one of life's greatest privileges and I feel so grateful for having traveled as much as I have.
Q: What are your favorite places to visit?

A: My favorite places to visit are Austin, TX, and New York City. I love the music culture in Austin as well as the people and incredible food. New York remains my favorite city in the world. Outside of the US, Wellington, NZ is still a home in my heart. I also love the south in the US; south Carolina, Louisiana, Georgia. I've spent a lot of time working and traveling in that part of the country and i love it's culture, it's food, and it's people.
Q: Where is your favorite hotspot—both Wi-Fi and for a night out?

A:  For WIFI, nothing beats my own home. I don't often take my laptop out with me, so i primarily e-mail and search at home. As for a night out, i love 7B in new york and Bar 107 in los angeles. I often spend my evenings at a friend's or at mine, however.
Q: What's on your laptop now?

A: A lot of music and photos that i've taken.
Q: What new technology do you wish you had?

A: I'd love an HD video camera!
Q: What's your favorite music and movie?

A: I always have trouble picking favorites, for they seem to change often and there is too much to choose from. As far as music is concerned, at the moment one of my favorite records is Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki by the Yamasuki Singers and of newer music, i love Thom Yorke's The Eraser. The film i keep coming back to as my favorite is Harvey, with jimmy stewart. Such a profound film, that seems to reveal more with every viewing.
Q: What games do you like to play on your Duo?

A: I haven't played a game on my computer in a long time. I used to love the old lucasarts games like, the Monkey Island series, Day of the Tentacle, and Sam and Max Hit The Road.

Q: Where are you taking your Duo this summer?

A: I love Intel and how they're continuing to make our experiences as computer users faster, easier, and more enjoyable. They've also joined forces with Apple, which is also inspired.
Q: What do you use your Duo for?

A: I use it to log my photos, to search the internet, and log and listen to music.

Q: If you were trapped on a desert island with your laptop, do you think you would get a Wi-Fi signal?

A: Nowadays? I wouldn't be surprised. We live in a WIFI world.