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Updated:  Febuary 21, 2007


1.    MySpace Mobile application  vs. WAP handset browser experience

The MySpace Mobile downloadable application delivers a more robust and easier user experience than a mobile phone browser.  MySpace Mobile is custom built for each compatible handset to provide a more optimized user experience.  Point your phone’s browser to and then compare it to the MySpace Mobile application.  The superior quality of the application is obvious!  Plus, MySpace Mobile allows users to upload photos from their phone directly to their MySpace account (for specified phones only – see compatibility list below).  This is a feature that a phone browser cannot deliver.  


2.    Where do I find MySpace Mobile?

The MySpace Mobile application is currently available on Cingular

·         Here’s how you can find it and purchase it

                                1.    If you are on MySpace:

1.    Go to

2.    Select Download Now

2.    If you are online on your PC:

1.    Go to

2.    Select Cool Tools

3.    Select MySpace Mobile

3.    If you are on your Cingular Mobile Phone

1.    Go to the main menu on your phone and select Cingular Mall

2.    Select Shop Applications

3.    Select MySpace Mobile

4.    If you are on your Cingular Mobile Phone

1.    Send a text message (SMS) with the word "MYSPACE" in the body to 386


3.    How to purchase, download and install on your Cingular device?


4.    I bought the MySpace Mobile application. Where do I find it on my phone?


5.    Will MySpace Mobile work on my phone?

Here is a list of current compatible phones.  Please note more handsets will be added to this list in the near future, so please don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your phone listed.  (Phones in bold support photo upload)




          ●      Or check out the Cingular Media Mall handset selector:

1.    Go to

2.    Select Cool Tools

3.    Select MySpace Mobile

4.    Select your phone from the handset selector to check availability


6.    Will MySpace Mobile work on my unlocked phone? 

MySpace Mobile will only work on phones listed in the compatibility list.  So it will not work on an unlocked phone if the application build has not been released for that device yet. MySpace is working on more builds for more phones so stay tuned.


7.    Will MySpace Mobile work on my prepaid/GoPhone?

Yes, MySpace Mobile will work on a prepaid or GoPhone if the phone is a compatible phone to host the application and as long as the customer’s balance exceeds the monthly cost of the MySpace Mobile application ($2.99/month).


8.    How will I be charged for data usage on my GoPhone?

Customers with Pay As You Go will be charged the standard data rate for kb usage ($0.01/kb). Customers with Pick Your Plan have the option of adding a MEdia Net feature to their account or being billed per use.  The MEdia Net feature package would be charged in addition to their monthly fees and would give the customer a bucket of data usage per month.  The MEdia Net feature charge would be paid at the same time every month that the customer’s monthly plan is paid.   Any data usage for the month would be taken out of the MEdia Net bucket and any overage would be charged at the standard data rate ($0.01/kb).  Even if the account balance is $0, the customer with the MEdia Net feature package can continue using their MEdia Net bucket.  For more information about the Pay As You Go or Pick Your Plan options, please go to


9.    What does MySpace Mobile Cost?

MySpace members can get MySpace Mobile on their Cingular phone for $2.99 per month. Standard data rates will also apply based on your current feature subscription. Charges will be applied to your Cingular bill or deducted from your pre-paid balance.


10.    Do I still have to pay for a data plan?

Yes.  You need the MySpace application and you need a Cingular data plan to use MySpace Mobile.


11.     What kind of data usage could I expect with MySpace Mobile

Here are sample daily tasks and their estimated data usage



Estimated KB*

likely cost if not on MEdia plan

Reading a message (includes Friend's pics)

30 - 50 KB

$0.30 - $0.50

Viewing a profile (including profile pic)

15 - 40 KB

$0.15 - $0.40

Viewing 1st 4 pics on a pics page

25 - 50 KB

$0.25  -$0.50

Uploading a photo from a 1.2 MP camera

75 - 150 KB

$0.75 - $1.50

*Estimates for “typical” but individual experience may vary


Usage can add up if you do these types of tasks every day or even several times a month. Cingular recommends a MEdia plan to avoid an unnecessarily high bill. The great thing is, MEdia plans now come with text messaging included!  Highly recommended data rate plans:


Call 611 from your Cingular mobile to sign up at Cingular Wireless.


12.    How to unsubscribe?


13.    I purchased MySpace Mobile but it will not let me log on?


14.     How do I search for information?

MySpace Mobile allows you to perform basic search by looking up a user by their email address.  Those users who wish that their profiles remain Private will only be able to be contacted via Friend Request.


15.    How do I post comments?


16.    How do I post blog entries?

To post a blog, simply view the appropriate “blog” section and click “post” to create the entry. You will receive a preview page of your entry to review before submitting it to your MySpace account. You have ability to enter HTML tags or other non-standard characters, but these effects may not be detectable by the mobile phone in the preview. Blog entries are limited to the 256 character limitation which exists on most mobile devices. In addition to sending the blog text, you can also tag the blog with the following:


17.    How do I upload photos?

MySpace Mobile allows you to select photos that are stored on your handset and upload them to your MySpace Mobile account. All of the same restrictions that normally apply to your account apply for MySpace Mobile as well, including but not limited to usage of inappropriate or obscene content as well as copyrighted material.


18.    How do I view friends?

You have the ability to view the friend list of any MySpace profile. The friend list contains a text listing of your friends, which when selected will show the profile.


19.    How do I add/accepts friends?

Selecting a user to add as a friend will function as a basic click-to-add feature. Just locate a MySpace profile that you wish to add as a friend, and then select to add this user as a friend. You will also have the ability to look in your mail inbox to see invites that are pending your approval. You can select “yes” or “no”. Unlike on, you must scroll through friend invites one at a time, as there is not the ability to do a batch add of friends.


20.    How do I read/manage mail?

You will have the ability to read your MySpace mail, however any HTML tags embedded inside the mail may not be able to be displayed through MySpace Mobile. You will first be taken to an “inbox” view, which will present you with a list of messages with the ability to click on a specific message to read the full content. You can then read the message and perform any of the following:


21.    How do I update my profile?

You will have the ability to update your profile from your mobile device.  Note there is a 256 character restriction.  Any tags or special characters will be removed.  Be careful about editing a section of your profile that features a slideshow, video, embedded image, etc. these will be removed.  Profile information that can be updated includes:


22.    How do I log off?

Go to Options Menu and select Exit. Or press the Power/End Key at any time to exit MySpace Mobile.


23.    Will there be any type of parental controls available?

Cingular’s Parental Controls feature is fully compatible with MySpace Mobile. Cingular offers Parental Controls that enable parents to block their children’s purchase of and/or access to wireless content that may be inappropriate for young users. Parental Controls can be accessed free of charge from Cingular’s MEdia Net. Parents can also activate Parental Controls by contacting Cingular Customer Care at 1-866-CINGULAR. 


24.  I understand that you are planning to change "Cingular Wireless" to AT&T. When does this
happen and why?

We are planning to transition the Cingular brand to the AT&T brand starting in early 2007.  AT&T is one of the best-known, most durable and iconic brands in America, if not the world. Streamlining our branding, advertising and marketing efforts behind the AT&T brand creates significant benefits and helps avoid marketplace confusion.

25.  Does this mean that your new name is AT&T Wireless?

We have not shared details of the re-branding of Cingular. You can expect to hear more in early 2007 when the transition to AT&T begins.


26.  How does this merger benefit Cingular customers?
Many Cingular customers will benefit from the accelerated introduction of next-generation services that integrate wireless and wireline, the convenience of new bundles and added convenience in shopping for and paying for local, long distance, wireless, high speed Internet access and video services.

Business customers will benefit from having one point of contact for all of their communications needs and new integrated services, which will be made possible as AT&T consolidates Cingular's ownership and converges its wireless and wireline Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

In the meantime, customers will continue to enjoy all the Cingular advantages they currently experience and the best part is that customers don't have to do a thing to continue to receive all the benefits they have come to expect from Cingular.


27.   Can I keep my current Cingular plans and prices?

Yes. Your service will continue as you experience it today.


28.   Will I see any change in my Cingular service or service plan because of the merger?

Your service will continue as you experience it today. In the future, we anticipate introducing a number of advanced services and enhancements you may choose to add.


29.  Will I need to get a new phone because of these improvements?

No, there is no need to change your handset. As we introduce new services and technologies, you may choose to take advantage of these enhancements by upgrading your phone.


30.  What new service plans will be available?

We will communicate any new service plans to our customers through ads, direct mail and online at


31.  Can I merge my Cingular bill with my bill for other services through AT&T?

Yes. Cingular customers who reside in AT&T and BellSouth service areas can receive a consolidated bill and joint bill discounts from AT&T. If you have service with BellSouth, please visit and log on to your online account to arrange. If you have service with AT&T and are a former SBC customer, please visit and log on to your online account to arrange.


32.  I was an AT&T Wireless customer prior to the Cingular and AT&T Wireless merger in 2004. Can I now go back to my old AT&T Wireless service?

Your service will continue as you experience it today. Expired AT&T Wireless plans and equipment are not available with the new AT&T. Cingular does offer a wide variety of plans and options to our customers. I'd be happy to discuss them with you or you can learn more through ads, direct mail, and online at