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Primal Scream

The UK's first ever MySpace Secret Show kicked off in true Rock 'n' Roll style on August 31st, as legendary rock gods Primal Scream took to the stage of London's prestigious 100 Club, home to some of the most memorable performances in music history.

After finally spilling the details to an eager network of Secret Shows friends, devoted Primal Scream fans were led to the newly-opened Fopp store on London's Tottenham Court road. From as early as 6am, they formed an (almost) orderly queue before picking up their FREE tickets, giving them exclusive access to the event.

In a sweaty fog of cigarettes and alcohol, the venue morphed into one big mosh pit as the band kicked off the set with 1994's 'Movin' On Up'.

Thanks to everyone involved - Fopp Records, Columbia Label Group, 100 Club, Freud, Primal Scream and of course the fans themselves.

Set List

1. Movin' On Up
2. Dolls
3. Jailbird
4. Shoot Speed Kill Light
5. Suicide Sally & Johnny Guitar
6. Kill All Hippies
7. Burning Wheel
8. When The Bomb Drops
9. The 99th Floor
10. Medication
11. Kowalski
12. Swastika Eyes
13. Country Girl
14. Rocks
15. Accelerator
16. Neat Neat Neat
17. Skull X