7/25/06 - Salt Lake City, UT
My condolences to any band that has to follow Slayer. I cannot even type the word unless it is being screamed, so from here on out, this Secret Show headliner will be referred to only as "SLAYER!" With that said, not only did "SLAYER!" play, but Salt Lake City got four-fifths of the Unholy Alliance tour with Thine Eyes Bleed, Children of Bodom, and Mastodon. Kids were sorely disappointed when the UA tour skipped over Utah completely, only to be surprised by MySpace giving it to them for FREE as an all-time-all-star Secret Show! Did we mention it was FREE? The bands were amazing, all of them. Mastodon threw down some new songs form their forthcoming album Blood Mountain, Remission, and Leviathan with a commanding performance. Every time I hear the name Mastodon I think of these kids in school who wore Metallica shirts before Metallica was cool. You know the types I'm talking about. They were kinda scary and rough dudes, but they just loved music and weren't scared to wear a shirt that said "Metal up yer a**." Then Metallica became huge, epic… I can see Mastodon reaching that point someday, they are just that good. So next time you see a kid in the halls wearing a Mastodon shirt, just know he is a prophet and has good taste in music, and he is not scary… maybe. On to SLAYER! I am going to keep this brief, butI learned a few things at today’s Secret Show.
1. Only Kerry King of SLAYER! can get away with wearing the t-shirt of his own band on stage and get away with it. (I was scared to make eye contact, see pix to find out what I mean.)
2. SLAYER! is the only show you can go to where not only is it NOT a faux pas to wear the band's shirt to the show you are going to, it is almost a rule (author's note: I had to make a kid turn his Velvet Revolver shirt inside out, for his own safety).
3. SLAYER! Not just a noun anymore.
4. If you can play the meanest guitar in the world while rocking a chain wallet with a chain that is bigger than a forearm, you deserve stardom.
5. SLAYER! is quite possibly one of the best live performers out there. Just think, they have been playing for 20 years, and they still blow the doors off of any club! I want to thank all the bands for playing, please go visit their MySpace pages and thank them if you went to the show, let them know you had a good time. Thank you to Warner Brothers, Sanctuary Management, Tower, and of course Chili's for making this all possible. SLAYER!
Photos by: Day 19
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